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Looking for a stuga for midsommar 20+ people


I am an Australian that has lived in Sweden for 4.5 years. I currently live
in Canberra, Australia but will be going back to Sweden for summer to visit
some old friends and my girlfriends family.

I work in Government here in Australia, and use to work at the Australian
Embassy in Stockholm! My birthday this year falls on Misommar and I was
hoping to hire somewhere for my birthday and midommar for 2-3 nights. I
am unsure of guest numbers but would assume that there would be about
20-30 people total.

I was hoping my friends could bring tents and they could stay in their tents
as the place would not have enough space. Please let me know! I have
swish so maybe we could arrange something via that. I have letters of
recommendation from my bosses including Ambassadors, chief of United
Nations etc.

I should also note my girlfriend is Swedish. I can provide you all the
necessary identification from my Skatteverket ID etc.

Please let me know!



Luca Cislaghi Lanza

+61 435994037
Efterlysningen är inlagd: 2023-03-27 11:50:26



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